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Posted By admin On Saturday, March 22nd, 2014 With 2 Comments

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  1. Budern says:

    I did not ask for this paper to be delivered to my door and do not want it I have never heard such garbage as you print and we have paid for this ???Sure hope we have a complete change of council in this election and this junk can be put in the bin where it belongs. Tammy Hart is the only one who works FOR THE PEOPLE!!!!

  2. Pastor Tom Newton says:

    Letters to the Editor:
    Accountability – What is that?

    I am a Stormont resident, and as I can imagine many received as I did Deputy Mayor Hart’s campaign flier in the mail. I submitted some questions via email about some issues that I had a concern about, and of yet, after two submissions, still no reply, so I thought maybe if I submitted my concerns again in the local news paper, maybe the Deputy Mayor might read it, and get back to me.

    To make things short here is the email I sent –
    Greetings Mrs. Hart:
    I live in Lunenburg, Rd. 29. I received your campaign flier to day. I was wondering in the wasted expenditure list why was there not listed money used or wasted for two integrity commissioner’s findings? I hear it was around $30,000 for both. Is that true? If that is true, then what are you going to do about it? Payback the tax payer? At least explain to the residents of such a justification for such a waste, and why you did not list it.
    Pastor Tom Newton

    I understand Deputy Mayor Hart is a busy woman these days, campaign and all, but all I am asking is for accountability and some common courtesy in that she would at least take the time to answer my questions as a registered voter and a tax payer living in Stormont Township.

    Pastor Tom Newton

    PS – thanks again for the hamburger buns, Mr. Currier.

  3. T.J.MacDonald says:

    Your paper was not all that bad of an idea but You have turned it into a political rag and the last thing this country needs is another paper filled with have truths and innuendos . You have lost my support and that of a lot of my family members, I will do your Sudoku but will throw the rest away very disapointed.

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