Alfred Heim
Published On: Thu, Apr 28th, 2016

South Stormont Council Rejects St. Andrews West Community Hall by Reg Coffey

South Stormont Municiple Buildings 27Apr16

Long Sault – Last night at the regular scheduled town council meeting, the council voted to reject the idea of adding a community hall to the new fire station to be built. In the discussion over the Action Request to proceed with the preparation of a Request for Proposal (RFP) for architectural and engineering services for the design of a new fire station in St. Andrews West namely the replacement of Station 4” (pg 35 of 161), Council voted to ignore the request for a Community Centre building in St. Andews West citing budget restrictions as the reason. In the first video Deputy Mayor Hart stated that the committee from St. Andrews have been misled and there was never any moneys put aside by the previous council for a community hall.

In the second video Mayor Bancroft read a statement that he prepared outlining some of the expenses facing the township this year to rationalize his opinion and also demanded that residents stop calling and emailing council and staff about this matter. Just before the vote on the motion, one resident stood up and asked to be heard on a point of order but Mayor Bancroft loudly told him to sit down.


The full agenda for the meeting can be found on the townships web site.