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Commemorative Coin and Landfill Wells at South Stormont Council Meeting by Reg Coffey

Commemerative Coin Presentation 27Jan16


Long Sault – Last night at the regular South Stormont Township Council meeting Richard Vinet, a Canadian Vietnam War veteran, presented the township with a coin to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. Mr. Vinet pointed out in his presentation that 42,900 Canadians fought in the Vietnam War and 325 or those are named on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC.

Aside from the presentations the agenda included only brief committee reports and one bylaw to be voted on. Information package that is usually included with the agenda on the Townships website was absent for this meeting.

One point of interest was the fact that Deputy Mayor Hart disclosed a pecuniary interest in the one action request which was to be voted on. The action request concerned work on the environmental monitoring wells for the Trillium Landfill site which borders on the Hart property. During the discussion and vote on the action request Deputy Mayor Hart did not leave her seat at council as she had done in previous meetings where she had a pecuniary interest. In the previous meetings a contract renewal between the Township and Deputy Mayor Hart and her husband to access their property had been settled, the details of which have not been made public.

The agenda for this meeting can be found on the Townships web site at

Unfortunately the information package usually included with the agenda was not available at the time this report was posted.

50th Anniversary Vietnam War Commemorative Coin

50th Anniversary Vietnam War Commemorative Coin

Commemerative Coin 2