Alfred Heim

South Stormont Town Council Meeting, 25 November 2015 by Reg Coffey

Thank You Card from R-O 25Nov15

Long Sault –Mayor Jim Bancroft began the meeting by sharing thank you cards from the students of Rothwell Osnabruck School that the council had received with regards to Remembrance Day activities.

The only delegation on the agenda was from the SD&G Library Services. Bill McGimpsey, Deputy Mayor of North Stormont and Library Board Chair, began the presentation and introduced Susan Wallork, Communications and Marketing Librarian, who delivered the bulk of the presentation. The activities and services available from the Library were covered as well as an offer to handle some of the Township municipal services from the local libraries such as selling dog tags.

Accountability and Transparency Act Concerns Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart

One of the Key Information Reports on the agenda for last night’s South Stormont Town Council meeting was a review of the Public Sector and MPP Accountability and Transparency Act, 2014 or Bill 8 which became law in December 2014. It is intended as its name indicates to increase political accountability and transparency in Ontario which includes all municipalities.

During the brief discussion on the local aspects of this law the only question that was posed was by Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart. Of all the statutes and aspects of this piece of legislation her personal concern was about “frivolous complaints” to the local Ombudsman by “certain individuals”. She appeared to answer her own question after referring to the reference material provided by the Administration which stated that the Ombudsman may disregard frivolous complaints.


As always the agenda and resource material is available on the Townships web site.