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Published On: Mon, Aug 31st, 2015

Local Hero Raises Funds for Heel’n Wheel For Local Cancer Care

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SSN – Brian Cox is a local hero in the Winchester area due to his fund raising for the Heel’n Wheel cancer fundraiser by increasing his final tally each year. This makes him one of the top fundraisers in the campaign.


Mr. Fix It Likes a Challenge

Brian Cox

Brian Cox (right) and his nephew Brandon Cox (right) at the 2013 Heel ‘n Wheel – before the beard trimming!

Brian Cox likes a challenge. He loves to find old bikes and repair them to sell – sharing some of the profits with WDMH Foundation’s Heel ‘n Wheel for Local Cancer Care. He’s been an event participant for the past four years. “I saw the flyer at Mike’s Restaurant and thought it sounded like a fun event. I like to ride and I knew it was for a good cause.”
In fact, Brian is one of the top fundraisers for Heel ‘n Wheel and has increased his final tally each year. “I like to take my bike and go for a ride. If I see someone, I go and ask them for a donation.”
In addition, Brian has upped the individual challenges he sets for himself and his family. “Two years ago, I agreed to trim my beard if I could raise more than $2,000,” Brian remembers. He raised $2,100 and the trim took place on event day at the closing ceremonies. Last year, Brian’s wife Marlyn agreed to quit smoking if he raised more than $2,000. The final tally was $2,445 and Marlyn was true to her word and is now a non-smoker.

Brian says he doesn’t have a particular challenge in mind for this year’s event. “I think I’ll just enjoy the ride,” he laughs. Brian’s tally so far is more than $1,800, so it looks like he’s well on his way to another banner year.
Heel ‘n Wheel for Local Cancer Care is a one-day walk and bike ride in support of the WDMH Foundation’s Cancer Care Fund. 2015 marks the 4th annual event. To date, the event has raised close to $200,000.
The Heel ‘n Wheel for Local Cancer Care was created in response to many people’s dreams. The Winchester Hospital Heelers, a local group of fundraisers, wanted to continue their dream of funding the $500,000 cost of WDMH’s digital mammography machine even after the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation’s Weekend to End Breast Cancer walk ended. This year, those dedicated local community members intend to make the final payment on their pledge.
Funds raised by all other participants will be used toward the purchase of two new colonoscopes. Colonoscopes are used every day at WDMH and are a vital tool in the screening of colorectal cancer. WDMH performs more than 2100 procedures each year and each colonoscope costs about $40,000.
To support Brian and other Heel ‘n Wheel participants, please visit or call the WDMH Foundation office at 613-774-2420, ext. 6169 for details.
Thank you to Brian and all of the Heel ‘n Wheel participants, supporters and sponsors!