Alfred Heim
Published On: Thu, Aug 13th, 2015

Local Hero Honoured at Council Meeting by Reg Coffey

Rodney Wilson and Family with Fire Chief Gilles Crepeau

Rodney Wilson and Family with Fire Chief Gilles Crepeau

Long Sault – Last night scheduled meeting, the South Stormont Township Council recognized the heroic efforts of Rodney Wilson in saving a Quebec couple from possible drowning in the St. Lawrence River off of the Woodlands Campsite in the St. Lawrence Parkway. Fire Chief Gilles Crepeau described Mr. Wilson’s actions before presenting him the Certificate of Recognition in the video below.

After the presentation the Council carried on with the rest of the agenda. A few notable items are listed below.

An Administration and Corporate Services key information report on Open Air Burning stated that:

“On June 8, 2015 the application to the Ministry of Justice for set fines was submitted and on July 17, 2015 the letter of approval was received authorizing the implementation of the $150 set fine.

If an individual is found guilty of violating a section of By-law No. 2009-40 they can be fined $180 ($150 set fine, $25 victim surcharge, $5 court costs).”

Chief Crepeau stated that the appropriate days for burning in each area of the township are indicated on a township map which is part of the Official Plan. The map is not currently on the township website but council agreed that it should be and admin agreed to add it.

A by-law was passed to amend a previous by-law which awarded Grumpy’s of Long Sault funds from the Community Improvement Plan program. The amendment was to increase the grant by $1202.00. The reason for the increase was due to the applicant not taking into account the cost of an architect.

Grumpy’s of Long Sault Inc. has requested an additional grant of $1,202 to be added to the 2014 approved Community Improvement Plan (CIP), thereby maximizing the applicable township CIP program. By-law No. 2014-084 authorizes the original CIP Agreement. In order to include the additional grant of $1,202, the by-law requires an amendment.

Another by-law was passed to enter into an agreement with the Ministry of Transportation so the township can:

“allow the Township to access the Ministry of Transportation database for vehicle identification and ownership information. Ownership information will provide the Township the means to add the outstanding fine(s) to property tax roll account.”

The entire agenda and background information is available for all to view on the townships web site.