Alfred Heim
Published On: Thu, Aug 6th, 2015

WDMH’s MORE-OB Program

Kim Gravelle, Team Leader, Maternal/Child Unit with the Panda infant warmer.

Kim Gravelle, Team Leader, Maternal/Child Unit with the Panda infant warmer.

SSN – Continuous improvement program in Obstetrics is highlighted in this press release from the Winchester District Memorial Hospital.

WDMH Childbirth Team Provides MORE

As the birthing rate at Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH) continues to grow, so does our team’s commitment to safety and the best possible experience for every family. WDMH is proud to be entering the final year of a three-year program that promotes patient safety, quality improvement and professional development.

“It’s called Managing Obstetrical Risks Efficiently or MORE-OB,” explains Manager Naomi Thick. “And we think it gives us more skills and knowledge every day.”

Nurses, physicians and midwives at WDMH work together to learn from each other. In the first year of the program, best practices in high risk obstetrics were reviewed. The second year focused on team dynamics and the importance of communicating effectively. The team is now working on Module 3, enhancing a culture where patient safety is everyone’s top priority. The entire team has participated in audits, staff and patient surveys and skills drills.

One of the projects this year is for the entire team to take the opportunity to review and talk about each birth experience, right at the moment. “We want to know if everything went well, if everyone is happy and if there is anything we could do better,” notes Kim Gravelle, Team Leader, Maternal/Child Unit. “If there are things that can be improved, we have a plan to ensure that happens.”

The WDMH program offers comprehensive obstetrical care by a core team of family physicians, obstetricians and midwives, as well as specially trained nurses and support staff. They provide full service care with 24/7 pain management in a comfortable, home-like setting.

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