Alfred Heim
Published On: Thu, Apr 9th, 2015

Fast Cars But No Budget Discussion at South Stormont Township Council Meeting, 08 April 2015

Pre-meeting Discussions

Pre-meeting Discussions

Long Sault – In an abbreviated session of the South Stormont Township Council last night lasting only 35 minutes, the council glossed over one agenda item without any comment. The “Notice to Adopt Annual Budget” during the Administration and Corporate Services section of the agenda received no mention at all.

“Be it resolved that pursuant to By-law No. 2008-04, Council gives notice of its intention to pass a by-law to levy a separate tax rate on the assessment of each property, thereby adopting the 2015 budget. Further, Council proposes to pass the necessary by-law at the April 8, 2015 regular meeting, or on a subsequent meeting date.”

Complete Admin Report Section

Several seniors in the audience were disappointed in the lack of comment on the budget. They had come to the meeting hoping for clarification on how much more they should expect their property taxes to increase. The township has stated that the property tax rate (formerly known as the Mill Rate) would only increase by 2.98%. However the scenario that the township uses in their proposed budget document on their web site, shows a property valued at $191,000 in 2014 paying $786.96 in property taxes will have to pay $844.36 in 2015. That is an increase of 7.29%.

In an interview with the Standard Freeholder Mayor Bancroft outline the proposed budget to them and the Freeholder calculated that the increase in property tax revenue for the township would be 12.2%.

The only report that was presented during the meeting was from the Ontario Provincial Police. For all the other department reports, Mayor Bancroft simply asked if the councillors had read the reports and if there were any questions. One of the longest discussions of the night was when Mayor Bancroft commented that there were a lot of cars speeding up and down Farran Drive in Ingleside. Councillor Primeau, in what may have been her first comment during a council meeting, added that there were fast cars in Long Sault as well.