Alfred Heim
Published On: Thu, Mar 26th, 2015

Weed Spraying and Road Selling at South Stormont Town Council Meeting 25 March 2015 by Reg Coffey

South Stormont Council 25Apr12 001


Long Sault – The regular meeting of the South Stormont Township Council was preceded by a well attended public meeting to discuss the subdivision application by Arrowhead Development Company and zoning amendment applications.  The details of the public meeting can be found on the Township’s web site.

The agenda did not include anything concerning the proposed budget, but details of the budget had already been released to the Standard Freeholder earlier in the week.

At the disclosure of pecuniar interest, Deputy Mayor Hart did reveal that her husband has an interest in the proposed closing and selling of Lalonde Road and that she would recuse herself from voting on the action request.

This is not the first request to purchase Lalonde Road by Mr. Fiset. As outlined in the action request, there has been three previous requests to purchase the road that have been turned down by Council. Councillor Richard Waldroff said that the road is being used by residents, mostly local hunters, and he would be opposed to selling.

In a key information report from the Public Works, notice was given concerning an enhanced annual weed spraying program. The report recommends accepting the lowest bid for the application of herbicides and attached a draft Public notification of the list of roads to be sprayed. Ross Gellately, the Director of Public Works, told council that they had addressed a number of issues with the spraying that residents had brought up at  the council meeting last year. Residents that specifically requested no spraying on their property fronts will be contacted when the spraying is scheduled for their area.

The complete agenda for this meeting can be found on the South Stormont Township web site.