Alfred Heim
Published On: Fri, Jan 30th, 2015

Expensive Water Modules and Terminating Integrity Commish at South Stormont Town Council Meeting 28 Jan 2015 by Reg Coffey

South Stormont Council 28Jan15

Long Sault – A tired looking council minus Councillor Richard Waldroff attended the regular council meeting on Wednesday night. With no petitions or delegations and no department reports on the schedule the meeting was less than an hour long. A number of motions were on the agenda and there was little discussion on the majority of them. Even the motion to terminate the services of the current integrity commissioner did not even rate one comment.

There was an explanation concerning the purchase of new membrane modules for the water treatment plant by Public Works Manger Ross Gellately. He did bring in a new and an expended module to show the council to help justify the $123,783 cost for 106 membranes.

The issue with the most interest was the suggestion to limit the number of free passes to the Trillium Landfill site for residents. According to Public Works Manger Ross Gellately the free passes to the landfill appear to be being used by contractors who are dumping roofing shingles in the landfill site. He suggested that the number of free passes for residents of South Stormont should be reduced to one per year. Deputy Mayor Hart argued that the number of passes should be set at two, one in the spring and one in the fall. The motion was deferred until more information could be gathered on the topic.