Alfred Heim

Deputy Mayor Hart’s Election Campaign Promise Realized At Council Meeting by Reg Coffey

South Stormont Council 25Apr12 001


Long Sault – There was a lot on the agenda tonight but the issue that brought out all the local media was the motion to cancel the advertising contract with this newspaper. Deputy Mayor Hart was the only member of council to make a statement, thanking Rick Currier for bringing a petition which was never accepted in open council. The motion that was read in council also included that petition and that the resources of the township were being wasted, also stated:

“Whereas the Municipal Act, 2001 defines the roles of municipal Council which, in part, includes representing the public and to consider the well-being and interest of the municipality.

Now therefore be it resolved that Council, in good faith deems it in the best interest of the municipality to immediately discontinue advertising in the South Stormont News and the Cornwall Free News.”

Councilor Waldroff recused himself from the vote, as he stated, due to a perceived conflict with South Stormont News.

During a less sensational part of the agenda where the Public Works Manager Ross Gellately was giving an update on the final budget report of the Ingleside Medical Clinic, Deputy Mayor Hart questioned the cost of the clinic. Mayor Bancroft noted that the issue had already been voted on but allowed her to continue. The information was readily available in his report which council received before the meeting.

As always the entire agenda is available on the townships website for all to see before the meeting.