Alfred Heim
Published On: Mon, Sep 29th, 2014

Beat The Clock 2014 Municipal Ad Deal For The South Stormont News


There are 28 days left to advertise for the 2014 Ontario Municipal Election and SSN has some insane deals!

We like to keep our numbers real. No confusing per per impression jazz here.

Your 300×700 pixel Sky Scraper banner is only $99.95 per week! *

Compare that to area ad deals and be prepared to be blown away.

Can you afford to not advertise during this tight 2014 Election Season?

SSN Masthead 640x140 -NEW-

The South Stormont News has a print & online deal as well!

$199 +HST

A 300×250 banner online and print ad for the remaining days of the election and equivalent ad in our October print edition which will be our largest to date and with our biggest distribution run! *

Want a bigger banner?

A 300×700 pixel banner with same size ad in the last election issue of SSN is only! *


We also can insert your flyer or hang card in the next print edition for only

$75 per thousand copies!  *

Limited space available for all offers, and the deals end Wednesday September 30th at noon!

The South Stormont Print edition offers the highest quality print experience in the region.

We print in full colour on White Brite paper with an easier to read layout and font.

Cornwall, South Stormont, South Glengarry, North Stormont, and all areas around.

Maximize your exposure!

Other  election options and services available in both newspapers!

Call Jamie at 855 444 1133 or email

Shop Local, Buy Local, Advertise Locally! 

* Ads must be camera ready.  Graphic service available for a moderate fee.  Banners have a rotating frequency of a maximum ration of 1:8. Inserts or hang cards FOB Ingleside.  We reserve the right to refuse any ad.