Alfred Heim
Published On: Thu, Sep 25th, 2014

Proust Questionnaire For South Stormont Candidates – Chris Cameron

cameronsSSN – We are asking all candidates to fill out our mini survey so the public can get to know them better.  We are posting them as they arrive in chronological order.
Up for your perusal is Chris Cameron who is running for council.
1) Who are you?I am a husband, father of a young family and a Registered Nurse. We built our home on the family land granted to my United Empire Loyalist ancestor’s 230 years ago, who were amongst the many other founders of the community.

I am a rights activist and in my spare time enjoy gardening ,council meetings as well as restoring an abandoned (Loyalist )graveyard also known as the Cameron graveyard. I do love golf, but find little time to scratch that itch.2) Why are you running for office?

I moved back to my community from living abroad for numerous years and have always wanted to play a bigger part within my community.

I feel that I have many attributes that could benefit my community and thus honor those ancestors that developed our great community.  I would like to promote and embrace the rich history of South Stormont.
I pride myself in Honesty, Integrity and Compassion.
3) What are the three best things about our community ?
 #1 It has always been home to me .#2 Our communities significant historical value, which I feel is often taken for granted.

#3 The community is small enough that most citizens know their neighbors and embrace each other as family. We have close knit community which many are proud of.

4) What are your three priorities to improve South Stormont?

#1 Citizen involvement, as council and the team at South Stormont are only that much more effective and responsive when citizen’s are actively involved in the political process be it the management or the citizens concerns.

#2 Promotion of the communities historical significance and thereby promote tourism .

#3 Promote senior citizens services.

5) Who was your hero as a child?

Terry Fox. He not only inspired me as a youth, but continues to do so in future generations including my own children.

6) If you could brand the South Stormont of the future in one word what would that word be?


Many thanks,
Chris Cameron