Alfred Heim
Published On: Tue, Sep 23rd, 2014

Proust Questionnaire For South Stormont Candidates – Reg Coffey

regSSN – We are asking all candidates to fill out our mini survey so the public can get to know them better.  We are posting them as they arrive in chronological order.

Up is Reg Coffey who is running for Council.

1) Who are you?    I am Reg Coffey. I have been the editor of the South Stormont News since its inception. I am also a food industry consultant, a writer of short stories and an artisan coffee roaster and owner of Coffer’s Coffee.

I was born and raised in Cornwall, a member of the SD&G Highlanders (1967 to 1975) and I graduated from St. Lawrence College (1975). I moved to Toronto to work for the federal government right after graduation and returned to live in Ingleside in 2007. In my 35 years in the food industry I have been an analytical chemist, project leader, research scientist and quality assurance manager. As a representative for the baking industry at large, I was the chair of the Food Safety Committee for the Baking Association of Canada.

Since my return to eastern Ontario I have been a Director of the South Stormont Chamber of Commerce for 6 years, a vendor and vice president of the Long Sault Farmer’s Market, a member of the Cornwall and Area Writer’s Group, and a member of the Friends of the Bird Sanctuary. I have attended the majority of the South Stormont Town Council Meetings in the past few years to observe as a resident of South Stormont and to report on the meetings as a journalist.

2) Why are you running for office?

I am running for office because of the deterioration of decorum and integrity that I have observed in the Town Council meetings in the last year.  With two of the incumbent councillors not returning to those positions there will be a vacuum of  experience and civility. South Stormont has been a well managed township but without respectful political oversight it can deteriorate quickly at the expense of taxpayers. I want to see our township return to the quiet, competent and efficient municipality that I moved into 7 years ago.

3) What are the three best things about our community?

First and foremost are the people. I have found the people of South Stormont to be very friendly and welcoming for the most part. From my direct neighbours to all the people that I have met through the Long Sault Farmer’s Market, The R-O Craft Show, the Chamber of Commerce, the libraries, the senior’s centre, etc, they are the best.

Second, you couldn’t ask for a more scenic area to live in. Even the snow in the winter appears whiter and brighter than any other place I’ve lived.

Third, the municipality has been well managed leading to lower taxes and efficient services.

4) What are your three priorities to improve South Stormont?

Bring respect, integrity and civility back to the Town Council.

Increase the marketing of South Stormont’s assets to encourage economic development.

Be inclusive of all communities within South Stormont to represent all of their needs.

5) Who was your hero as a child?

Moe “The Toe” Racine.

6) If you could brand the South Stormont of the future in one word what would that word be?