Alfred Heim
Published On: Sun, Sep 21st, 2014

Do you like the South Stormont News? Deputy Mayor Hart Vows to Destroy Newspaper Twice – SEPT 21, 2014

tammy SSN flyer

Do you like the South Stormont News?

Almost all the people we’ve spoken to who have seen The South Stormont News have said very nice things about it, and we’re very proud of your community newspaper in South Stormont; but our local business seems caught in an election battle that has become a three headed monster.

SSN has been caught between the attempt of Deputy Mayor Hart to unseat Mayor Bryan McGillis.

Ms Hart has been against the paper since its inception. She was sanctioned by council and Integrity commissioner Robert Swayze after releasing a memo to a hate group that suggested we’d asked for loans and start up monies.

Ms Hart has not just said that she wants to end our ad with the township; but that she wants to kill the paper entirely. Is that rational? Is that what the Township of South Stormont is about and are its values?

SSN took nearly a year to develop before we spoke in open council with one simple request. We asked council to advertise the Township bulletin with us instead of Quebec owned TC Media’s Seaway News and we offered a 20% discount which would save the township tax dollars.

There was never any communication other than requesting ad dollars.

SSN is delivered as many of you know via a mix of Canada Post, and door to door delivery with limited retail drop off points as well. It’s printed on higher quality bright white paper, and is in full colour. It’s a step above our competition because we felt that South Stormont deserved the best.

It’s printed with a larger font as well to make it easier on the eye, yet at the last council meeting Ms Hart said under new business that she would do her best to essentially detroy the paper.

There are a slate of candidates that either have stated negative feelings towards SSN such as Richard Currier to those who have simply disprescted SSN such as Dave “Grumpy” Smith, Donna Primeau, Mike Proulx, Richard Waldroff, and sadly Mayorlty candidate Jim Bancroft.

If you like South Stormont News please contact these folks and ask them why they have taken these positions? You can also contact local merchants and ask them to advertise so we can expand our features and coverage for upcoming issues. You can also email us at

The future is looking bright in South Stormont. South Stormont News wants to showcase that and highlight the growth of the community; but we need some cooperation from the community to do that.

If you like us; please let everyone know. South Stormont is your newspaper after all!

J.Gilcig – Publisher South Stormont News


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  1. GoophBall says:

    I suspect the larger font has less to do with being easier on the eye than it does with making it possible to fill pages. I used to use the same tactic in high school when the teacher would say “I want a 4 page essay by Monday!”

    I can read SSN online so why spend money on a printed edition when I can’t even get my road plowed when it snows?