Alfred Heim
Published On: Wed, Sep 17th, 2014

Lots of Produce Available at Farmer’s Markets by Reg Coffey



Manotick – It might seem like winter is right around the corner but it isn’t even Fall yet and most Farmer’s Market will be open until Thanksgiving. There are still lots of stuff to buy at your local Farmer’s Market. Some of the corn vendors will still provide corn until the first frost and there are all those fall vegetables to choose from. It is prime apple harvest season so you can find quite of few varieties including the historic MacIntosh Apple.

13Sept14 peppers_garlic_cucumbers


The last of the green and yellow beans are being picked so don’t lose out by giving up on local growers. As long as they can get into their fields they will have some beautiful locally grown produce for you to enjoy.


13Sept14 Beans


13Sept14 Melons_Cabbage


13Sept14 Green Peppers


13Sept14 carrots


Pictures provided by Kathy Coffey

These pictures were all taken at the Manotick Farmer’s Market last weekend but I’m sure that the other local markets are still offering a variety of produce as well as other products from local vendors, like fresh roasted coffee.

Eat Healthy, Eat fresh, Buy Local.