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Published On: Mon, Jul 28th, 2014

Iroquois Wastewater Treatment Plant Ceremony – July 28, 2014

sd july 28SSN – Thanks to a funding partnership between Canada, Ontario and the Municipality of South Dundas, the Iroquois Wastewater Treatment Plant is fully upgraded and operational.


After two years of construction, the facility now provides a secondary treatment process, which improves the quality of wastewater effluent released into the nearby St. Lawrence River. Also, with a larger overall capacity, the plant is now able to significantly reduce the amount of untreated wastewater discharged during wet weather conditions.


Not only does the upgraded plant better protect the environment and ensure the health and safety of local residents, its increased capacity allows the Municipality of South Dundas to treat sufficient wastewater to support future growth.


Quick Facts


  • The Government of Canada is contributing up to $9,000,000 to this project through the Green Infrastructure Fund.
  • The Government of Ontario is contributing up to $9,000,000 to this project through the Green Infrastructure Fund.
  • The Municipality of South Dundas is providing the remaining $62,067 of the total project cost of $18,062,067.




“Important projects like this one significantly impact the quality of life for local residents. Thanks to these improvements, the Iroquois Wastewater Treatment Plant will now have the capacity to support this growing community while preserving the St. Lawrence River ecosystem for years to come. Our government is proud to invest in significant infrastructure projects that create jobs, promote growth, and build strong, prosperous communities across Ontario.”


Guy Lauzon,

Member of Parliament for Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry


“One of our government’s key priorities is to build Ontario up by making long-term, strategic investments in critical infrastructure. The significant upgrades made to the Iroquois Wastewater Treatment Plant will not only greatly improve wastewater treatment and create jobs in the Municipality of South Dundas and surrounding regions, but will also provide residents with improved access to cleaner, safer water well into the future.”


Jeff Leal,

Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs


“Thanks to our federal and provincial partners, we are improving the quality of life for residents of Iroquois and South Dundas. We are also promoting ecologic sustainability of the St. Lawrence River by improving the treatment of wastewater.  Without our partners, this would not have happened.”


Steven Byvelds,

Mayor, Municipality of South Dundas


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Photo (L-R)


Ian Kemp (Supervisor of Water and Wastewater Operations), Chris Bazinet (Manager of Public Works), Steve McDonald (CAO), Jim Graham (Councillor), Jim Locke (Deputy Mayor), Evonne Delegarde (Councillor), Archie Mellan (Councillor), Steven Byvelds (Mayor), Guy Lauzon (MP), Francis Sulpher (J.C. Sulpher Construction), Peter Mitchell (AECOM), Dale Henry (OCWA), Todd Grant (AECOM), James Su  (OCWA), Daragh Slowey (OCWA)


OCWA: Project Manager

AECOM: Engineer

J.C. Sulpher Construction: Contractor