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Published On: Thu, May 8th, 2014

Upper Canada Region Business Breakfast – May 8, 2014 by Reg Coffey

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South Dundas – Today at the Upper Canada Village Golf Course the first Upper Canada Region business breakfast was held. One of the goals of today’s meeting, besides having breakfast, was to celebrate the branding of the Upper Canada Region through the cooperation of the neighboring communities of the Municipality of South Dundas and the Township of South Stormont. To begin the information part of the event, the mayor of each community gave a brief speech to highlight how important this initiative is to the economic development for the area.


South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis


South Dundas Mayor Steven Byvelds

Stephanie Liscomb, the Planning Technician for the Township of South Stormont, was the Master of Ceremonies for the meeting and kept things running smoothly and on time.

UCR Stephanie Liscomb 8May14

Stephanie Liscomb

Nicole Sullivan, Economic Development Officer of the Municipality of South Dundas, presented information concerning the Upper Canada Region, the new web site and the use of the Upper Canada Region Proud Partner Logo.

UCR Nicole Sullivan 8May14

Nicole Sullivan

There is no cost to use the Upper Canada Proud Partner Logo but certain conditions must be followed. Only businesses located within the Upper Canada Region may use the logo on printed and promotional materials, banners and signage. The logo may also be used on organization’s web sites preferably hyperlinked to the regions website:

Other conditions on the use of the logo are that the logo should not be changes in any way without special permission and that it should be shown in its entirety without cutting off any part of the image.

Upper Canada Region Map

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