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Published On: Fri, Apr 11th, 2014

Get On Board Kick-Off by The Friends of the Bird Sanctuary in Ingleside by Reg Coffey

Friends of the Sanctuary


South Stormont – On this past Wednesday night at the Bird Sanctuary Visitors Centre in South Stormont, the Friends of the Bird Sanctuary held their AGM as well as the kick-off of their fund raising drive to replace the well worn board walk that thread across the wetlands. The session started with two presentations given by 2 representatives, Dr. Robin Poole and Mike Chegrinec, from the Cooper Marsh Conservation volunteer group, known as Conservators, who were instrumental in raising funds to replace their boardwalk. Dr. Poole and Mr. Chegrinec outlined their experiences in raising funds to replace the boardwalks in Cooper Marsh Conservation Area and at the end offered their assistance in guiding The Fiends of the Sanctuary in their drive.

Dr. Robin Poole - Conservator, Cooper Marsh

Dr. Robin Poole – Conservator, Cooper Marsh


Mike Chegrinec – Conservator, President of Cornwall Area Birding Club (CABC)

Mike Chegrinec – Conservator, President of Cornwall Area Birding Club (CABC)

The total project cost for the Cooper Marsh project is estimated at $360,000 and the majority of funds have been raised already.



“To protect and preserve these boardwalks for future generations the Friends of the Sanctuary are launching a 2014 “Get on Board” boardwalk rehabilitation project. The goal is to replace & enhance the existing boardwalk system to allow for handicap access with added educational stations, viewing platforms and various blinds for wildlife observation. With one boardwalk closed due to deterioration and the existing Redwing Trail fast nearing deterioration it is vital to have these replaced to accommodate all visitors now and in the future. As The Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary is so heavily utilized by our surrounding communities and more importantly our school children in these communities, it is of great importance we preserve the natural assets of the Sanctuary for future generations. This will be a first of many steps to be taken in the revitalization of the Sanctuary to further increase the popularity of this precious gem on the St. Lawrence River.” – The Friends of the Sanctuary

Chuck Clavet, the President of the Friends of the Bird Sanctuary, presented a preliminary cost projection for the boardwalk project and in his estimate it will be similar to the Cooper Marsh project depending on the type of wood used. The plan is to not only replace all the wood but to increase the width of the boardwalks to six feet wide from three feet and to put up rails.  The project will now move forward to the fund raising stage with grant applications being one of the priorities. During the AGM part of the meeting fund raising activities and membership drive were highlighted during the committee reports.

More information about the project and the Friends of the Bird Sanctuary can be found at their web site. You can also donate on-line through their “Donate” button on their home page.



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