Alfred Heim
Published On: Tue, Apr 8th, 2014

Cornwall & Area Community Poverty Consultation Report Released


MPP Jim McDonell

MPP Jim McDonell

SSN – The Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area in conjunction with the House of Lazarus, the Eastern Ontario Health Unit, and the office of Jim McDonnell MPP are excited to announce the release of the report from the January 21st, 2014 Community Consultation on the Ontario Poverty Reduction Strategy.

During 2013 the Ontario government held consultations across the Province regarding its Poverty Reduction Strategy. Unfortunately, the closest one to SD&G was in Ottawa and it was felt by the Social Development Council and the House of Lazarus that our rural input was vital to any evaluation of the Ontario Provincial Poverty Reduction Strategy launched in 2008. Therefore, an open forum community consultation was held on January 21st, 2014 in Finch, Ontario.

This initiative gave the residents of our community an opportunity to have their say in helping to shape public policy in Ontario. After all, to be truly effective, a Poverty Reduction Strategy must reflect the diverse challenges faced by people and families in every corner of the province including rural populations.

Over 60 participants attended representing schools, business, churches, municipal government, various service agencies and community members. Those present discussed their opinions on what Ontario’s focus should be going forward, what can and should be done to reduce poverty, what the barriers are facing those in poverty, what worked well from the previous Poverty Reduction Strategy, and what success would look like in 15 years.

This report is a summary of all of the information presented and discussed throughout the consultation with main issues and themes highlighted.  Report LINK