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Published On: Mon, Mar 24th, 2014

The Friends of Sanctuary Announce AGM and “Get On Board” Fundraiser

Friends of the Sanctuary


South Stormont – The Friends of the Sanctuary are pleased to announce that their Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 9th at 7:00 PM. The meeting will be held at the UCMBS Visitors Centre.

Visitors Centre


In addition to the AGM, the Friends will be kick-starting their Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary 2014 Sanctuary Restoration Project, “Get on Board”.

Boardwalk Renovation and Additional Rejuvenation

To protect and preserve these boardwalks for future generations the Friends of the Sanctuary will be launching a 2014 “Get on Board” boardwalk rehabilitation project. The goal is to replace & enhance the existing boardwalk system to allow accessible access for all guests with added educational stations, viewing platforms and various blinds for wildlife observation. With one boardwalk closed due to deterioration and the existing Redwing Trail fast nearing deterioration it is vital to have these replaced to accommodate all visitors now and in the future. As The Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary is so heavily utilized by our surrounding communities and more importantly our school children in these communities it is of great importance that we preserve the natural assets of the Sanctuary for future generations. This will be a first of many steps to be taken in the revitalization of the Sanctuary to further increase the popularity of this precious gem on the St. Lawrence River.



How Your Partnership will make a difference

By partnering with the “Friends of the Sanctuary” in our “Get on Board” project you will be investing in the future of a highly important habitat that experiences over 50,000 visitors a year. The Sanctuary is a natural setting where visitors experience environmental awareness as well as great family pleasures. The SLPC as well as the Friends of the Sanctuary host many educational tours through the Sanctuary for countless school children and interested visitors 12 months of the year.

We are actively seeking funding partnerships and help for our project and we sincerely hope you will find our project worthy of your support. The Friends of the Sanctuary is a registered charity organization which consists of volunteers who help take care of the Sanctuary and it`s various educational programs. Our goal is to give our visitors the best outdoors experience possible by involving you as a partner in this project. All donations will receive a charitable receipt.  All donations will be acknowledged on an Honour Roll near the Visitor’s Centre.

Support the Sanctuary

You too can be a “Friend of the Sanctuary”.  By becoming a Friend of the Sanctuary, you can help build public education, participate with special events and help with trail maintenance as well as wildlife management programs. The choices of how you can best contribute is up to you. To have a membership form mailed to you contact:

Bird in Hand


About The Sanctuary

The Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary was established in 1961 on lands acquired by the St. Lawrence Parks Commission after the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway. The sanctuary covers 9,000 hectares of a variety of wildlife habitats, including: a mature upland forest, early succession woods, old fields, wetlands and open water. With more than 8 kilometers of self-guided nature trails winding through these habitats, the seasoned birder and amateur naturalist, alike, have excellent opportunities to view up to 200 waterfowl, raptor, passerine and other bird species.

Calling all nature buffs! Catch glimpses of wildlife, take a leisurely walk through the Bird Sanctuary’s nature trails, or, partake in one of the special events and environmental programs offered year round. A visit to the Interpretive Centre, bird watching, and wildlife study are just a few of the many activities you can enjoy at the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary. Imagine thousands of Canada Geese anxiously awaiting their feed. That is the magnificent sight you will see during fall at the sanctuary. If cross country skiing or snow shoeing is your passion, what a great way to get some exercise and see wildlife on the groomed ski trails.

Camping is also available at the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary. It is one of a variety of camping experiences offered by the Parks of the St. Lawrence.

The Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary is designated a cycle friendly site to visit!

Two trails consist of open water boardwalks one located on the popular Redwing Trail and the other the Blue Heron Trail. The Blue Heron Trail has been closed for several years due to structural deterioration. The boardwalks are extremely important to access marshland areas of the Sanctuary where the educational programs take place.

About Us

The Friends of the Sanctuary is an incorporated, non profit charitable organization. This group of dedicated individuals support the development of resource management, recreational, educational and interpretive programs. The Friends association hosts a variety of programs and events throughout the year which allows the Migratory Bird Sanctuary to operate year round.

Although the Friends of the Sanctuary have a cooperating agreement with the Crown, it is important to state that an evident and distinct separation is always maintained between the two. The Friends of the Sanctuary is a separate and distinct organization unto itself. Our members are diverse in their experiences, education, employment and interests. Members of the Friends volunteer their labour and abilities to organize and help support resource management and development of educational, recreational and interpretive programs at the Sanctuary.

Changing Government funding has made it necessary for a greater amount of public participation and funding in special places like the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary. As times have begun to change, our associations participation has increased to help more and more with plans and purchases of events and enhancements in the Sanctuary. The Friends are aware that help is needed to maintain, organize, and promote activities and awareness in the Sanctuary to further enhance the public use of this treasure. It is through these activities that we hope the visiting public will become more informed and supportive of the environmental and nature related issues allowing proper use of this natural paradise located in our backyard.


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